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Remote SEM Control Activities
Remote Control Microscopy Used at the Lehigh University Microscopy School.

Remote Control of the EMAL XL30FEG during the Laboratory Classes at the Lehigh Microscopy School.

In June 2003 after doing three years of Internet2 remote control demonstrations of the EMAL XL30FEG to attendees of the Lehigh Microscopy School, we branched out into actually using the remotely controled microscope in the laboratory classes.

Remote Control now done on a laptop using VNC-Overlay, a modified version of VNC programmed by Artem Dmytrenko an EECS sttudent who worked for me. Good programmer!

Remote SEM Control Activities
Remote Control Microscopy Class at Emerson School in Ann Arbor.

Introducing K-12 Students to Scanning Electron Microscopy.

On the 6th of May 1998 I was first able to demonstrate the XL30FEG SEM at Emerson School in Ann Arbor. The computer control was performed across the Internet via Emerson's T1 link and the video signal was transmitted from EMAL on the Materials, Microscopy and Microanalysis Channel ( UMTV channel 36) which was linked to the Ann Arbor Community Access TV Channel 9 which is broadcast on MediaOne's cable system.

Since that time I have prefromed several more demonstrations at the school. The cable system is now owned by Comcast, but the basic technology is the same.

This photograph shows John Mansfield controlling the XL30 FEGSEM in the North Campus EMAL from the Computer Classroom at Emerson School.

Remote SEM Control Activities
Internet 2 Demo at Highway 1.

Real-Time Full Remote Control.

The week of the 6th of October 1998 Andy Adamson and Kevin Coffman and I were among a number of people demostrating the possibilites of Internet 2, the next generation in the development of the Internet. Using Adamson's and Coffman's secure video transfer system, I was able to fully control the Philips XL30 FEGSEM in the University of Michigan North Campus Electron Microbeam Analysis Laboratory from the offices of Highway 1 in Washington DC.

The accompanying photograph shows John Mansfield controlling the XL30 FEGSEM in Ann Arbor, MI from Highway 1 on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC.

Other Stuff

CBED Thickness Sequence.
This little quicktime movie is a thickness sequence of ten zero-order discs of calculated Si <111> convergent beam diffraction zone axis patterns. The thickness ranges from 75nm to 300nm. It demonstrates the apparent movement of the higher order Laue zone lines (HOLZ) with thickness (see Mansfield, Bird and Saunders, 1993).


 Javascript Version of Wave.

 I have been playing around with Javascript recently and have converted my own version of the old C programmers "Hello World" standard program (Wave.c) into Javascript. My "Hello World" program actually does something, it converts an electron accelerating voltage into a wavelength in Angstroms (OK, so it's a microscopist thing!). Try it out below:

Enter accelerating voltage in kV:
Wavelength in Angstroms:

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